Hidden Figures: Spotify Technical Lead Nikki Reid On How to Play Chess, Not CheckersFeatured

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This:"Here’s one of the things that helped me: explore and talk to as many people as possible. Pull aside anybody and book 15 to 30 minutes of their time to find out more about what they do and which skills are required."SO important, especially from a human level as well. From a professional standpoint, the more you know the more you can accomplish/ tools you have. It's also critical to knowing your colleagues and understanding how their work impacts yours and vice versa.
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I am so grateful to see this article right now and I am receiving it with an open mind and heart! It took me 15 years in and out of college, while working full-time, mothering 2 kids and being a wife that I finally earned my degree. I started in Business Admin and didnt think twice about Computer Science until someone who loved me questioned me over and over as to why I was not pursuing the very thing that I was so passionate about. I've been helping people with and working on computers since I was 9 years old. Now here I am 38, an IT Manager and needing to take a break from my career. I am EXHAUSTED. The struggle to get to where I know I want to be has been so rough that I've thought about switching to another career. I'm in a city that is not so kind to diversity, let alone to a black woman in IT. Im dealing with attacks from co-workers who seem put off by my mere presence in the room. As if I have the audacity to believe I belong in a seat at "their" table. Reading this validates exactly what I was told by another WOC I met who works for Microsoft. She said the same things about playing chess. It's not easy always having to make others comfortable with your presence but I'm not going to quit! I'm going to take this time off (which I am blessed to be able to do) and focus on learning and obtaining more skills. Then, I'm getting back out there renewed and ready to PLAY CHESS! This was exactly what I needed to read. Thank you, Nikki! And thank you Elpha!
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I love the reference to Myspace! I think of this all the time when people say they can't code and remind them that 15 years ago we were all coding to change the songs, colors, and top 8 on our Myspace pages. I really like the discussion around tech being more than engineering and further, what skills are necessary to move up and how to work on them. There are always questions around how to move up and the point of creating your own position is so great. Thanks Cassie for writing and Nikki for sharing your knowledge!
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Thank you Nikki! Did you mean "paying point of your job" or "pain point"? Paying point seems like an interesting untapped question.