💫 We are looking for wonderful female speakers for our ADPList 2023 flagship events

Hi lovely elphas,

Nice to meet y'all. I'm Yue from ADPList. We are perhaps the largest mentorship community globally (particularly in design & product). Our mission is democratise mentorship access for billions in the world and mentorship on ADPList has been 100% free.

Following the success of BeMore Festival last year (14k+ signups, 60% live participation rate), we are organizing 2 flagship events for our community this year:

  • Product Day (10th May), exclusively for our mentors and their peers, on how to design, build & scale world-class products
  • BeMore Festival (20th Sep), for our broader community, to learn from the best mentors around the world

Both are virtual, global, 24hr non-stop super conferences.

We've opened speaker application in our mentor slack channel. However I'd looove to invite more female speakers to come and share their story, impart their knowledge. If this sounds interesting, could you help me with this form here please?

If you think any friends or colleagues might be interested, please help us spread the word. We'll be delighted to have y'all potentially joining us!

Love this and ADPList sounds like a wonderful organisation :)Also what are your favourite kinds of dumpling hehe?