Calling All Female VCs

Let's all meet other VCs on ElphaWhat firm do you work at and what's your area of focus?What would you like to get out of a VC Elpha community?
I work at Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, we're mostly focused on media and consumer tech, though branching out into Fintech as well.
Dear Rachel, I'm looking forward to connecting with you. I'm also in VC and quite often looking for co-investors. There are several companies in my pipeline, that are in BDMI focus and can be interesting for you. Wishing you a wonderful year!
Hi Daria,Do you have a hard time sourcing startups? I feel like most VCs probably have an issue finding the type of startup they want. Thoughts?
Outlier Ventures - early stage (pre-seed / seed) software deep tech (w/o life sciences), verticals are assessed on the go and we don't have specific preferences - we've done browsers to fintech to mobile networking> looking to meet women in all areas of tech and learn about their experiences, still 2 years into a career, so trying to see what is out there. My 20s are for learning so that's what I'm here for.> looking to give: help as many women as I can to learn about VC, the processes, the decision making, etc
Ana - interesting work. Do you have issues sourcing women founded startups? Does Outlier focus on diversity?