Advice: which jobs that make a living wage in expensive area

Any advice for 20 year old looking to have a decent fulltime paying job to survive pricey South West Florida?

Many salaries here don’t match up to the cost of living and houses are highly competitive being sold for more than what it’s worth

Want to be more independent and establish own place But it's tough when can't make enough $ for 3X the rent for 1 bedroom

Idea of renting with roommates but would have move to Orlando which is more expensive . Some parts of Florida feel as expensive New York and Cali.

Unsure which jobs would be paying a living wage here


Currently No student loans No debt, keep savings account up. The struggle is real

Any advice or suggestions welcome

Is finding roommates in your target area not doable? I live in SF, and personally think it's decently affordable with roommates (my roommates and I have made salaries all over the spectrum and manage it just fine). I think cost of living starts to look absurd when folks are trying to get their own 1 bedroom, which frankly is just. a standard tradeoff people make to live in a city (a la Friends).
I'd definitely second the idea of having a flatmate maybe for like 1 year in order to save up or before you get a raise. What type of jobs are you looking for? If it's something that can give you the freedom to have another small gig on the side (e.g freelance developer, dog walker, nanny, photography, etc) I'd also consider that. I have had side gigs for a while now, and I definitely welcome the additional revenue streams.