How did you decide on what area of development to go into?

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Hey,So firstly - this is a very common concern most people have coming out of graduation and probably something that many still have later on in their career. I've had this problem many a time as a multipotentialite who is interested in just about anything and everything you throw me into!I can talk about it in terms of your career step and where to start with if that helps? First it's really helpful to get what's out of your head onto a paper / visually infront of you. Write down what your interests are on a big piece of paper. Then pick out two or three that you feel really align with:1) your experience to date or if that's not possible, the ones that closely match to any skill sets you already have and can confidently talk about 2) where you think you will get the most value. Now this could be value in terms of financial value or in terms of impact to the environment / community for instance - find the real sticking points that matter to you.As an additional step - think about the interests that you think you could try out 'on the side' whether that's through volunteering or learning a few hours in the week. If you still have some time before jumping into a job - consider networking or speaking to people in the relevant areas. Always helpful to get 'real life experiences' from people that are involved in those areas. After that you might want to come back to your list / notes and reconsider what sounds right for you.Over simplified but happy to talk further if you need any more help :) One thing to note as well, don't feel bound by this idea that you can only succeed / grow in one area - things are constantly changing and you'll learn more about yourself as you go through your career. I've moved from commercial to marketing to operations in the space of 8 years or so!