H1B and greencard jobshttps://lnkd.in/e8nXQVX

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Thanks for sharing! Love the testimonials from the career page :) Curious you said "H1B and green card can be offered to qualified candidates" - how does that actually work? Since H1B (for instance) is through a lottery and there's no guarantee unless one has advanced degree (even then no guarantee, the lottery pool is just smaller) and the path to green card is slightly more complex. Curious to get your thoughts!
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Thanks for asking! For H1B one must also get sponsored to apply through the lottery. Without a job offer, I don’t think you can apply to go on the H1b lottery system. So sponsorship is needed. Also, if the person is on OPT and in tech, if they fail the first H1B lottery, they still have more tries the next 2 years since STEM OPT is 3 years vs other fields of study is only 1 year of OPT. Hope that helps.
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So amazing that you're willing to sponsor! Helped you tag "Job Board" :)