I had the fantastic opportunity to be part of a panel for Women Who Code's Career Navigation event. Our focus in this conversation was demonstrating how side projects, particularly from hackathons, can significantly enhance your resume, especially for those new to the workforce.The audience, mainly comprised of hackathon participants, gained insights into the art of resume tailoring. I shared practical tips on how to align hackathon projects with specific job descriptions, turning these experiences into compelling resume highlights.But hackathons are just one of several opportunities that entry-level candidates often overlook on their resumes. Other valuable experiences to include are relevant coursework, both paid and unpaid internships, pertinent volunteer work, and much more.In case you missed it, the recording is now available: detailed step-by-step guide to boost an entry-level resume: #CareerDevelopment #ResumeTips #Hackathons #CareerGrowth

Hackathons are so fun!! Glad they're still getting the love they deserve. I attended, participated, mentored, and organised so many back in the days and have very fond memories. But separately, I completely agree on all of the above, besides being career booster (besides being a nice addition to the resume), they open a lot of doors! When I was younger in my early 20s, I was very broke and also very hungry (literally and figuratively), I volunteered to be at all the events i knew i couldn't afford, so I could get in those doors for free, eventually i pitched myself to be a speaker, started by facilitating roundtables, and small chats, to keynoting some of those.