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Remote work as a Junior UX / Product designer

teresaman's profile thumbnail
I would say so! Remote design roles are quite common now (especially since Covid), here's a good job board for remote design jobs that you may want to check out: !
OctaviaRomano's profile thumbnail
Thanks! I’ve been working remotely as an educator for the past +3 years and I love it! I really do not want to step foot into an office, if possible.
teresaman's profile thumbnail
You and I both 🤗
ananya's profile thumbnail
Pretty common! I do think however that a lot of us will be going back to work soon. Remote/ in- person flexibility is a definite plus for a junior position.
OctaviaRomano's profile thumbnail
Yes, I’m aiming for a fully remote position. I travel/tour often so office work would not be an option. I have been doing this as a teacher, so hopefully will do it as a designer as well.
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@OctaviaRomano - we just hired another designer but we're constantly growing! And always on the lookout for new talent. Check out the open roles : if you're interested. :) And of course if any of my contacts ask for designers, I'll throw an update in this thread.
OctaviaRomano's profile thumbnail
Amazing! Thanks a lot!