Ten years ago, I was scared to talk to strangers. Today, I can take an unstructured problem, build a team, and create an impactful solution.Featured

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> I wasn’t the best player — but I showed up, rallied the team, and made sure everyone had what they needed. I helped the team do what we needed to do — and that really is leadership.Love this part so much! Thank you, Jessie for sharing your story with us!
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Thanks @kuan - means a lot coming from you :)
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This post is very empowering @jessieduan. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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Thank you @pswoman! Really appreciate your taking the time to read :)
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This is such a well-written post -- thank you for sharing Jessie. And all the best with Code.X.
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Thank you @shilpamelissa -- really appreciate it!
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Thank you for sharing your story, it's is so inspirational! I'm afraid to talk to strangers... but I'm trying to figure out my style of approaching people and wish to also eventually be in a leadership role.I love what you're doing with Code.X and wish opportunities like this were available when I was a recent grad! I don't think I'm considered a recent grad anymore, but if Code.X expands towards that direction, I'd be very interested.
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@bonnieli I totally hear you on talking to strangers (as you know!), but I love that you're focusing on figuring out your style. There are so many forms of leadership and working / connecting with people, and I know you'll figure out what's right for you.I'll keep you posted on Code.X! In the meantime, if you're interested in teaching, I'd definitely recommend trying to find local programs (high schools, nonprofits, etc) -- might be good practice for leadership too :)
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Hi Jessie,I love your story. I relate a lot because I have been reading a lot about leadership styles and finally found one that feels great which is service leadership. At work I also don’t like to be the center of attention but rather the work itself. I see my job as being supportive and encouraging to my team so we can all do great work together. Thank you for highlighting there are many ways to lead. This has given me space to explore my leadership style and now I feel much more empowered to lead people around finances and how they impact the company as a whole, including your great point about connecting person to person. This is where loyalty and care is born. Congratulations on your work and nonprofit. 🥳
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YES! I am a big fan of servant leadership -- I love how you describe it as "we can all do great work together".
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Thank you. Notice, I changed the name because the word servant refers to lower than, which I disagree with because we are all equal while simply doing different jobs or roles on the team.
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That's a really great point -- thank you for bringing that up Carenna!
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This is so inspiring!
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Hi Jessie, thanks so much for spending time with us! Could you perhaps highlight your framework for tackling an unstructured problem???
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Great question -- I've found design thinking (https://voltagecontrol.co/a-step-by-step-guide-to-the-design-thinking-process-d0a95a28b9db) to be a great framework for me.Here's how I think of an overall process, which is probably pretty standard:- Understanding the space -- interviewing people, gathering data, etc- Distilling down to 1-3 key issues that will move the needle the most- Figuring out solutions and testing them out- Iterating -- going back to Step 1!There are a couple things that I find particularly important in this process though:- having focus on the key problem(s) -- there are going to be a lot of distractions and ways to improve things, but we want to focus on the most effective.- testing and iterating quickly -- I believe that testing gives me more information to understand the space better, so it's valuable to get to testing as soon as possible, even if it's just bouncing an idea off a potential person I'm solving for.
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Cheers to your spirit to take up challenges! Inspiring story