It's Friday Win: Tell us something you are proud of!

Hi Elpha Queens,First of all I hope you are doing great!First, I'll start by sending love and support to our Asian and Asian-American community. This week has particularly brought a lot of emotions and I hope that you have been able to put yourself, and your mental health first. I can only speak on my behalf though I am quite convinced many people will agree with me when I say that I see you. I stand with you. And I will continue to use my voice and resources to fight with you. Second, we haven't done this in a while but today is Friday win: the concept is straightforward - I would love for you to share one thing you did this week that made you proud of yourself.Why is this relevant? I want you all to celebrate yourselves and your accomplishments regardless of what they are - you are the only person to define those. And Aunty Iynna is here to remind you that you are powerful, you are enough and you can always strive to a better version of yourself! ;)Quick definition: a win does not need to be "I ran a marathon in 2 hours" or "I bought a house" though if these are your wins BIG CONGRATS :) Point is a win can be anything from "I woke up everyday this week consistently at 6:30 AM before my baby woke up to do something for me" or "I spent some time with a coworker to help them through a project they were having a hard time with and it felt good to see the impact I had"I can't wait to read your wins!
Hi @iynna! I haven't started the investor newsletter yet (I do remember your advice!). But here's my update and small win for the week:We just crossed $50k MRR this week. =)
@vivienne first of all what a delight to hear from you and second YES YES YES I am loving the sound of this!Also make sure to add me to your investor update list - I want to know all that's happening ;)
Ok I'll be sure to you add to it when I put one together!
I accepted a job offer!
@amrosnik you're a little over one year in. HOW IS IT?
oh wow, you remembered! or were revisiting this thread! It's so thoughtful of you to ask, Iynna. The new job is pretty great! It's good to be a scientist again. I'm always learning stuff, which sometimes gets tough but I'm glad to be in a role that challenges me. Thanks again for asking :)
BIG BIG BIG congratulations @amrosnik - so happy for you! So what is the job and when do you start? I want the deets! :-) But truly happy for you!
Thank you @iynna! And thank you for bringing back the Friday wins. I'm LOVING seeing what everyone else's wins are!As for me, I'll be a Cheminformatics Scientist at Atomwise starting April 12. I'll be going back to my chemistry roots, but this time in a very AI/ML-driven environment. I'm very excited!
I took a look at the website and it sounds exciting! Congrats!
Thank you, Tina! :)
Got myself checked for cancer. (Good news: I don't have it! 🥳)
I’ve actually been thinking about doing this, do you mind sharing briefly why you decided to do it? (If not thats completely okay!!)
Of course! I actually noticed weird patches of skin on my breasts, and they didn't really match. After too many Google searches and anxiety attacks, I had to get myself checked. It's true what they say - better safe than sorry! 😁
Thanks for sharing!!
@clarachan43 Hello ladies! I could not stop myself from breaking in. I'm building a company for women to be assisted by a smart bra during their self-breast examination. We will be launching a mobile assistant first to remind the self breast examination&creating a less anxious routine. Please leave your mails! I think you both are power users!
Wow wonderful @katrinav and really good that you took that step! Thank you for sharing!Did you do it as part of your annual at the GP? So happy you are all clear and healthy :) A great win for sure!
I finally did a workout! I was extremely sore for three days but I’m so proud of myself (and my husband who did it with me!)
WHOOHOO! Congrats! What was the workout?
It was a 20 minutes beginner at home workout 😭anything more than that would’ve broken me. It was by Pamela Reif on YouTube!
I started working out too! And was surprised that...I didn't hate it? lol. Keep it up, Clara!!
I asked my boss if there was budget to send me to the virtual women in tech summit and we ended up finding budget to send all the women in our team! So excited to attend next week.
As I always say "a closed mouth does not get fed" well done @becook for stepping up!
Because of work I did to surface pay inequity, 2 underrepresented incoming candidates got their offers adjusted!
That's amazing to hear! Would you share a little bit about how you achieved that? I'm sure many of us (myself incl) can learn from you!
As I'm sure you know, there's no cookie cutter formula that would work across all companies. But I was armed with data and approached HR and recruiting with questions. What do you think is an effective way for me to share the details with you and others on elpha? I'm not comfortable doing so on a public post.
A response to the comment is good enough if you don't want to do a post and I was mostly curious to know how you did that since it can be inspiring for others.
I meant that THIS post is public and I don't want to give too many details here or I might lose my anonymity.
Got it! Nevermind then
I reached out to a ton of people in my network for leads, and gained three new leads this way. One of them, for which I have a meeting set up for next week, might turn into a bigger contract. I'm super excited :) Already posted this under Wins, but thank you @iynna for the suggestion to post here too. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
Well done Tina!
I gave myself permission to leave a perfectly good job because I wasn’t happy. Instead of running away, I’m running toward a position that’s more meaningful to me. Life’s too short.
Yes @AnnaG - life is too shortt to be miserable! Proud of you for putting yourself first!
I knew for a while that it wasn’t right but I tried to stick it out for others. I learned that if I’m not happy, I’m not helping anyone around me. Took me a while to learn that lesson. Thanks for the continued encouragement, Elpha!
So now that we are a little over a year in! How are things with you? :) Have you find happiness in a new job or perhaps elsewhere?
@AnnaG, I can totally resonate as I am experiencing that now. I am on hunt now but still on the edge to leave the current.
Numerous things!My first event on Tuesday: my consulting website: https://elyse.fyiI keep being featured with my website https://www.NewsIn.ITWill start a new career in a week as an Engineer
Wowowow! You are on fire @eyrobinson when do you start your new job? Are you career switcher or first job out of uni?
Career switcher...from Auditor. I'm excited. 🤗
I received super positive feedback on my newsletter for overlooked European founders in tech (+ someone messaged me that my natural writing style is my superpower) and I got my first project as a product freelancer (without an agency in the middle)! 🥳
Congratulations Karla! Will definitely check the newsletter out :) Out of curiosity, what does a product freelancer do?
Thank you @iynna, would definitely love to hear what you think of the defty newsletter :)And as a product manager/owner (those terms are often used interchangeably) you can either be employed at a company with a contract or you are self-employed/freelancing and then work as an individual contributor (I believe that's how it's called mostly in the US) for one and usually several companies throughout a year.The tasks of a product person hugely depend on the business size and type (B2B/B2C) and can reach from user research/design thinking building the tech product with the development team (designers, engineers, testers) and product marketing to documentation, translation, running experiments for new ideas, joining customer calls etc. I hope this makes it more clear?
@iynna, I am excited to report that at, has won the Southwest Region SHRM Better Workplaces Challenge Cup and will be advancing to nationals for our AI powered Future of Work solution to reduce worker risks and improve culture 😀
@JoLynnClemens How did it go for Riskkarma? Did you win the nationals too? And how are things going for you overall?
I learnt to write a small script in Powershell for check for timesheets in a folder that had multiple sub folders. It takes a good 60sec to check it manually & I probably do it at least 5 times a day when it’s payroll week. I gained an extra 5min 😊
Finished grad school class number 11 (of 16) with an A!
Congratulations @maggiewolff! I remember you mentioned previously that you'd been in school PT since 2018 and were debating between accelerating the process to graduate earlier or keep the same schedule! This is super exciting to see that you are SO close to the finish!
Thanks!! I decided to stick with my slow pace because I'm feeling burned out and could use the break during the summers.
I am glad you took the decision that worked for you! Take care of yourself in the meantime, you are literally almost there!