Information Event re Health & Wellness Business Opportunity

Two companies recently merged and there is now a huge opportunity for people to start businesses selling whole food nutrients (approved by Australia's Therapeutic Goods Association), sports supplements, and a line of mental wellness products (microbiomes) that have passed clinical trials (I am unsure of whether they actually have FDA approval). I was headhunted to help them with the merger and build a team across 50 countries. If you are an entrepreneur, then you know that timing is everything - well, this is a phenomenal opportunity for those who get on board early.

Although anyone is welcome to start a business, we are specifically looking for holistic wellness coaches and practitioners who can sell the products to their clients. This is good for their clients and can add up to 3 more revenue streams for them. Many holistic coaches and practitioners struggle to earn enough money, so this can really help. I call my store 21 Lucky Bamboo because 21 bamboo stalks bring enduring health and great wealth to the world and that is what I want to do.

I am having an information session about this business opportunity on Tuesday at 7:30 pm EST. All are welcome to attend. If you can't attend, you are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn to obtain more information. Same for anyone you know who might be interested in this opportunity. Just tell me in the LinkedIn invitation that you saw my post (or someone else saw my post on Elpha).

The Zoom link is: