How I got my job as a Senior Policy Advisor within the British GovernmentFeatured

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Hey Jessica!Really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing your experience!"The core lesson for the job hunt process is that whatever your background or degree is, it is only relevant to a certain point. So search as widely as possible." This is SO true and something I often bring up to people that are on the job hunt. Don't limit yourself in the process because your dream job could be hidden under a title you never expected. Also, re: over apologizing this is something I've become more aware of in the last few years as well. And something I've worked to eliminate from my dialogues. I've noticed that more women tend to do this than men; a great reminder to check ourselves and stop aologizing for things where it isn't necessary at all. Thanks again for sharing!
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Thanks for writing this! I'm finding it so difficult to find jobs that intersect policy with tech so this was a nice read for what i'm currently going through
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Loved this, Jessica! This is gold: "Recognise your limits, make them your strengths, and find your tribe"😍
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Thank you, Jess for writing for us! We'd love to feature more stories on best practices of your discipline, how to get better at what you do, trends in your industry and more, told by Elpha members. DM me if you're interested in writing a feature story for us.
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Hey Jessica. Enjoyed reading this. I really found the part about being overly apologetic in job negotiations relatable In the culture/society i live in. You can be seen as ungrateful and rude for trying to set fair terms for yourself whether or not your skills and experience deserve it especially with the high unemployment rates and not so subtle disdain for the 'lazy generation'