AI that interprets code into understandable English


Looking to connect with Product Managers, Technical team leaders, computer engineering students, and coding bootcamps

My co-founder and I have built Denigma, an AI that interprets code into conversational english. Denigma is an easy to use tool that helps anyone learn to code or become a better developer. We have so much more in store! Test Denigma for yourself:

We're launching a VScode extension as well as code search engine later this month. Make sure you join the waitlist for FREE early access!

Test any line of code on Denigma and tell me what you think on here. All the feeback we get is super valuable to us!

I'm hoping the Elpha community can help connect me to product managers, technical team leaders, computer engineering students, and coding bootcamps? This seems to be our target audience, and I think a warm intro would be super helpful if anyone has anything in mind. It'll be greatly appriciated!

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This is very cool! I'm a product person, can share w my networks
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Definitely! What's the best way to reach you?
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I'm the CEO & Founder of Skiplevel ( and my community are all non-technical PMs, startup founders, writers, operations, etc... I think this is something Skiplevel students would be really interested in. Please share (DM open)