An awkward personal story that proves the power of networking

So I was at this women in tech event last week

and I saw someone across the room that I recognised from a remote workshop

I went straight to her with a lot of confidence

when I got close and saw her name .. surprise surprises

It was not her. 😬

I already interrupted their conversation so I had to say something

And so I told her: 

“you will not going to believe this but..  <explaining the story > I am sorry for the confusion” 🥵

To my surprise she said: 

“no worries 😉 

What is your name?

What do you do?”

So I started chatting with her and her friends

and at one point one of them said: 

“You are a career coach in tech?? Really?

I could use one 

Give me your details”

▶️ The learning of the story: just talk to people and allow yourself to be surprised 😊

This is an excellent story, and it also sounds like something I would do :-D
Thank you for sharing, I am glad it turned out well!