What does self-confidence mean to you?

I’m starting a new initiative helping introverted ambitious women become more confident. Could you help me with two questions?1. What’s your biggest frustration with becoming confident?2. What websites, blogs, or forums do you visit to pick up tips?
Ooof, this question right here is a tough one. Earlier in my career, I used to think that confidence was synonymous with having no fear. If I was confident "enough," I'd enter new situations without a trace of doubt.Needless to say, that ideal never materialized. And as I spoke to more women that I admired, I realized that a lot of folks are scared just as often as I am. Everyone has an inner critic, and it can say really nasty things. So now, my definition of confidence is being able to sift through the noise, know what's true, and keep moving even though I'm afraid. Completing Desiree Pais's Benshen Course helped me sort through those thoughts and fears and made me realize that it's okay to go for my dreams. I can't recommend it enough!
Oh @megduffy I LOVE this. Thank you so, so much for sharing! It's so true, we do all have an inner critic. I'll definitely check out the Benshen Course, thank you for the link!
1. Biggest frustration: being patient and compassionate with myself and the process. Accepting and embracing myself as a work in progress, along with the practical reality of this: that I can't do/fix/change everything all at once, and that actually this isn't what I need, anyway! I'm not broken; there's nothing wrong with me. I'm human and we all have our struggles. Adjusting my expectations of myself and others has been an important shift that has allowed me to experience things that used to pain me differently. 2. a) Not a website, but I've recently started listening to Amy Rushworth's podcasts. Her site is here: b) My wonderful friend Anya's website & blog, Let The Love In. See here:
@rachelclifton thank you so much for sharing! I love how you put it: accepting and embracing yourself as a work in progress. I find this can be a daily challenge sometimes.I hadn't heard of Amy Rushworth, her podcasts look great. And your friend Anya is very talented! Her workshops are gorgeous, I love the "Three Keys to Self-Kindness" she mentions. "Nurture then manage". Amazing. I've liked her FB page - her newsletter looks fab too! Thank you for the links!!