Tough interview question " What is something that you are good at but never want or never get to do anymore?"

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Hey! Welcome and congrats on post 1, here is to many more 🤩I love the question and I just recommend to answer with honesty :) what is something you love and don’t get to do anymore. As you grew in your career think about things you did starting up and truly enjoyed eg maybe it was talking to actual customers or do more research work type of projects, and now you have people doing this for you because you’ve been promoted and now manage people etc. For instance, for me, it’s having the time for deep dive in specific use cases which requires hours of research. I am a trained social sciences/international affairs, so I am naturally interested in anything that involves researching. I still get to do it but so have significantly less time! :(If you answer the part about never want to do, I think that’s very easy. I hate all the b*tch work I used to do before like having to clean up the office after happy hours for instance 😒 but be sure that whatever you say is not what the job you’re applying for requires. Well if it does, you should reconsider interviewing there 🤪
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Thank you. I am just dipping my toe in the water. I have always loved strong women helping other women, so I was excited to join this group. I will continue to think on this and appreciate your answer.
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Make sure to turn the negative into positive like I’m good at X but better at Y (what the company wants more) the value of me doing Y is much greater plus doing Y while working with people who excel at X is more rewarding than trying to do both myself. All the best.
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That is a great point. I was thinking about a job many years ago where I would take phone calls from customers that were to upset to speak with the agent, or supervisor they started with. I would help them troubleshoot the issues, calm them down and in most cases make them much happier by the end of the call. It was something I was good at but not a fan of doing this regularly and have not done in about 18 years.