Please give feedback on our mission statement

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It's kinda long, and there are multiple goals in there. 1. Finding the best product for you the individual.2. Finding products that work. (Saving money is implied as well.) 3. Making you trust us. Which of those is the priority?
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Thanks for the feedback! The #1 priority is helping the individual find the best product fit for their needs. But the reason we felt it was important to talk about trust is because it can't be done without trust.
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Sure, but that falls into the "how." I think a mission statement usually sticks to "what." Also, could be seen as disingenuous marketing-speak by old cynics. :)
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I find the first sentence to be quite the run-on sentence -- could either use some punctuation or breaking up of the ideas into different sentences.
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Hi Dhara- I would include something like "AI enabled software (if you plan on using AI or include whatever underlying technology you plan on using) that helps you find the right product in terms of quality, use and and cost...etcI also believe it is a bit lengthy.
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Is there a specific product you are helping users find? Or any type of software? I think of Capterra and this what they have featured: Capterra helps you find the right software for your businessFind software, compare options, and read reviewsI agree with the feedback below around trimming down. Feature the unique value Opinco presents, the problem you are solving!
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Our niche market that we are leaning towards is new parents. No specific product, but the target audience is new parents. Capterra seems helpful. Thanks!