Feedback for my new project: Enneagram Universe

Hi Elphas and Enneagram Enthusiasts! 🌈 I want to introduce "Enneagram Universe" my current startup dedicated to exploring the world of the Enneagram and its benefits for personal growth.

I want to share it with Elpha because I really want to receive feedback about it. I value your thoughts and insights, cause I'm a huge fan of this community. Can you let me know what you think of Enneagram Universe? Is it hitting the mark? Your feedback is GOLD!

🚀 If you believe Enneagram Universe has potential, I'd love for you to subscribe to our YouTube channel

Thank you, thank you!

[🧠 The Enneagram is a powerful personality system that goes beyond the surface, helping us understand our core motivations and behaviors. It allows you to unlock insights that lead to self-discovery and personal transformation.]

Hi Veronica - The Enneagram provides valuable insights for individuals into their personalities, helping them grow, communicate, and navigate life more effectively. I have a friend who is a business coach and incorporates the Enneagram to enhance leadership and team dynamics, foster better communication, conflict resolution, and employee engagement in organizations. Its versatility in personal and professional contexts makes it a powerful tool for holistic self-improvement and organizational success. After looking at your videos- I feel that they are too fast for the amount of information being shared. You sight appears to cater to individuals. Are you targeting individuals and teams? Looking to provide coaching services? What is the stickiness of your product offering? How are you monetizing the platform? Love the getting to know yourself, others and growth theme!
that's wonderfule we hosted a session on this recently with the amazing @alidunn! check it out