Seeking feedback from female founders

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Hi @PilarZaratech, couple of questions: what is your startup doing? what type of feedback are you looking for? You mention women founders - are you looking for a specific type - founders of VC backed tech startups? non-profit? lifestyle business (e.g restaurant, spa, freelance)If you share a bit more I am sure you may get some interest to fill out survey / sign up for a time to chat.
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Hi Iyanna! thanks for this great feedback. Right, I should have been more specific. I'll add some more details. (I'm going to try to edit it)Nice to meet you Iynna! a quick pitch we're building a referral network to hire experts. (freelancers/consultants) We look for startup founders looking for those types of professionals. The feedback I'm looking for is to validate our value proposition. I'd like to present 3 concepts and get some opinions (thumbs up or down) about it.
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Hi there! I co-founded a healthcare expert network, Inlightened ( Learning every day :) so feel free to send your survey to All the best to you!
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Thank you so much Michelle!