Seeking feedback from female founders

Hi everyone! I'm a startup founder based In Los Angeles. My team and I are creating a referral network to hire experts (freelancers/consultants) with a social mission purpose. If you have hired freelancers in the last 6 months or are currently looking to hire, I would like to have a quick call with you (15 minutes) to explain our flow and value proposition and receive some feedback.if you don't have the time but you still want to help me and provide your feedback I crafted a 3-minute survey I can share with you (just let me know). Here is my calendar if you have 15 minutes to chat and meet🙌 :
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Hi @PilarZaratech, couple of questions: what is your startup doing? what type of feedback are you looking for? You mention women founders - are you looking for a specific type - founders of VC backed tech startups? non-profit? lifestyle business (e.g restaurant, spa, freelance)If you share a bit more I am sure you may get some interest to fill out survey / sign up for a time to chat.
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Hi Iyanna! thanks for this great feedback. Right, I should have been more specific. I'll add some more details. (I'm going to try to edit it)Nice to meet you Iynna! a quick pitch we're building a referral network to hire experts. (freelancers/consultants) We look for startup founders looking for those types of professionals. The feedback I'm looking for is to validate our value proposition. I'd like to present 3 concepts and get some opinions (thumbs up or down) about it.
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Hi there! I co-founded a healthcare expert network, Inlightened ( Learning every day :) so feel free to send your survey to [email protected] All the best to you!
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Thank you so much Michelle!