Resources to navigate your career?

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Hey Ashley! I know for me, I did a lot of role playing with a trusted friend once I figured out exactly what I wanted. It helped me to "practice" having the conversation. I also wrote down bullet points that I wanted to make sure I made during the conversation and took that with me.I think the most important thing is that you have to be absolutely sold on why you want what you want. :)
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Thank you Holly!! That totally makes sense :)
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Elpha has been a fantastic resource for me, I learned a lot from you all! When it comes to technicalities, I have explored resources related to my industry e.g VC I look into twitter, blogs, podcasts and books!
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Hi Ashley -This is exactly what we're aiming to build out here on Elpha at! We're creating a central library full of expert advice to help you succeed at work. :) I appreciate you sharing those specific topics you'd like to see content on - and if there are any others that would be helpful, let me know and we'll get going on them!
@AshleyRivera check out as there are near daily talks with industry experts, live coaching and opportunities to interact with employers and professionals.
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Thank you Keiko!!
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@AshleyRivera I'm Rachel Serwetz, an ICF-certified career coach. My background is at Goldman Sachs & Bridgewater Associates, before moving into the career space to systematize my novel career exploration and job search methods and tools.My mission in life is to ensure people feel supported in making these critical, impactful career decisions. These decisions can feel stressful and tough, but with the right support (which you deserve), you can feel relieved, excited and confident in your next steps.I have been coaching hundreds of professionals for over 8 years and have developed unique processes and frameworks so that you can confidently clarify your ideal career direction and efficiently job search to land a role you feel fulfilled by.Happy to chat directly and see how I can help!,
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Hi @AshleyRivera! I would absolutely love to help you! My startup is MyZolve - HRโ€™s Alter Ego and does exactly what you are in need of ๐Ÿ˜Š. Feel free to download my mobile app and register for an account OR you can simply join via the web at www. Advice is on-demand or at your convenience; whichever works best for you. Let me know if you decide to try it out and I will make sure you have enough credits for your first few sessions, totally on me! Have a wonderful day.Meme
Ellevate has been very helpful: also have playbooks: