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Thank you Zara for sharing your job hunting journey and lessons with us! We're excited to feature more public posts written by Elpha members. Also, let us know via email ([email protected]) about the members that you want to hear stories from, and we will invite them to write for the How I Got My Job series.
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My pleasure and thank you for your editing skills!
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Wow! Zara, this is absolutely awesome! I am always so interested in women who make seemingly very pivotal and 180-degree career changes (as I feel like I am in the midst of deciding to make one myself, also from the arts to the tech realm). I really appreciate hearing your story and the advice you gave, especially about the gap analysis and upskill, along the way. Thank you! :)
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Glad it was of help Lauren.Let me know if you want any help or just need an ear.Good luck for when/if you make the switch
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Impressive indeed, Zara! Thanks for taking the time to share your story here with the Elpha community!When it comes to scaling/ growing the organizational talent, how do you do this without loosing the "closeness" of smaller organizations? TIA for your response and wishing you continued success moving forward!
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Hi Whitney,Great question - this is going to be cliche but I think it’s most important to maintain open communication and transparency.Take the time to check in with team members (especially after a roll out - see how they like it, is it what they expected etc), it lets the team know you’re always there even if there are more bodies in the space.Schedule coffees, break room chats - make it part of your day. It’s also how you learn and understand what changes are needed or don’t work.And always share they why and how for any organisational change and use a test group and the more you keep in touch with folks the more they’ll want to spend 15 mins helping iron out any kinks in organisational change.Hope that answers your question, and always happy to answer more! Have a great day!
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This is really inspirational. I particularly appreciated learning that this pivot took years of preplanning. Everyone thinks it "just happens" but a lot of work & learning goes into transitions like this. I suspect you were more capable with technology than you thought yourself to be several years back, but you could only take the final step when you felt ready as well. I am so happy you finally took the plunge and then shared the process with us. Thank you!
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Hi there clion, I appreciate you taking the time to comment and show your appreciation.
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I appreciate the story of your pivot/transition. I am in the middle of mine and it is challenging both in good ways and not so fun ways. It is nice to hear about your challenges and successes to keep me going! Thank you!
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Thanks so much for your appreciation. It's definitely a roller coaster but so fulfilling when you've decided on it. Feel free to drop me a line if you ever need an ear or encouraging word. It will be great!
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Love this sentence: "But doing what you love can give you limitless energy to get things done."I've been experiencing this lately with a passion of mine that I'm slowly developing on the side. It's so energizing to me that I can't wait to spend time on the weekend "working" on it. It never feels like work, though! Thank you for sharing your story!
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So encouraging!