Growing as a developer after bootcamp/uni

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Have you thought about contributing to more open source projects? Open source is a great way to tackle problems in a group style while applying what you learned at a bootcamp. You can look on Github to see what projects you can contribute too. You can google open source for beginners and find lists of open source projects which are good for those getting started in open source. You could also create one yourself if you like. Another good way to continue growing is building projects. You can build certain passion projects you have. This can be building an app, blogging, mentoring, etc.
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Yes, I've been doing this. But thank you for your ideas, @britishpandachick!
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Congratulations on the role! Definitely the first one after a bootcamp is the toughest. I understand that feeling as a bootcamp graduate myself a few years ago.For that "on" feeling, I'd recommend attending hackathons! Great way to meet people, test your development skills, and solve random problems in general with groups. The other recommendation, that I'm focusing on myself, is writing tutorials and blogging about technical topics. It's a way to deeply understand a topic you find interesting and build on it and start a portfolio that proves your skills. Also prepares you for your next position and opens conversations with others interested in the topics.Or join a startup. Then you have that "on" feeling everyday. :)
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Thanks, @RobinW!