4/21 Personal Finance & Investing Workshop: 2 spots remaining

Hi All,This Wednesday 4/21 at 5pm PST, I'll be hosting a free Personal Finance & Investing workshop. It'll be a virtual small-group happy hour where I'll answer your money questions in a judgment free-space.Including more details below if you're interested--this is a free workshop and there's two spots left.You can RSVP here: while this is hosted to support women, everyone is welcome to attend in the spirit of inclusion & community.********Women & Money:Did you know that the wealth gap for women overall is 32 cents (compared to a man's dollar), and for Black and Latinx women it's 1 cent? (Source: Ellevest)While it's unlikely that we close the pay, wealth, and investing gap in one generation let's start by sharing financial know-how. Let's move the needle on the lever we have the most control over: investing.Let's blow up some outdated norms up, one of the key ones being that women are not good with money. Did you know research shows women are just as good or slightly better at investing?********A bit about my story:Some of us might have been born naturally confident, outgoing, and at ease with the world. Not me.I've encountered self-doubt, and an ever-present worry about financial security that I inherited from my parents.Despite majoring in Finance, getting in MBA, and working at financial services companies, I realized no one teaches us personal investing. And not all of us learn get it through dinner table conversations at home.********About the host:I’m Yaya and I’ve spent the past 10+ years as a practitioner and mentor on the topics of personal finance & investing. I've led Member Services at the nation's largest student-run Credit Union, worked in financial services, consulting, and at the world’s largest hedge fund. I have a Finance degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from UC Berkeley.