Social Media Consultant

Hi all, wanted to introduce myself! 👋 I recenlty started my own social media consulting business helping companies elevate their brands through social media. ✨ I previously led social media for top toy property L.O.L. Surprise 💖 and Gen Z/Millennial music discoverability brand Radio Disney 🎵. I offer a wide range of services, including:

📈 Comprehensive Social Media Strategy: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube/YouTube Kids, Facebook, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, and Threads

🎥 Content Creator Program Implementation and Execution

🎯 Understanding Gen Z and Millennial Behavior

🤝 Influencer Strategy

📊 Analytics

🔍 Market Research

🔒 COPPA Compliance

📹 YouTube Channel Management

👾 Virtual Influencer Strategy

💬 ChatGPT Integration

I would love to connect and let me know if you'd like to chat about your social media needs! 👍

If I had a business that needed social media management, I would hire you, simply because I am a millennial who is a fan of L.O.L Surprise (They're surprisingly detailed for such tiny toys!)
Yes, the dolls are beautiful!