Your input on the beta? Transforming D2C with a Yelp for online brands

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Hi @sashashilko! Welcome to the group. Thank you for sharing what you are working on. I absolutely love the idea of a Yelp for DTC brands, so thank you for bringing that into the world. I believe it is necessary now and will become even more essential in the future as the DTC trend continues to grow.Being a brand enthusiastic, I know that it is difficult to know when a brand is legitimately good, and a platform like yours can help consumers make smarter decisions, and discover brands they probably wouldn't have found out about another way.I'll check the site out and share any thoughts I may have, as well as any ideas that come to mind to grow your user base.We should definitely keep in touch. I can see how we could help each other out and even collaborate in the future. I'm creating a media company focused on innovative consumer brands, with the idea of educating and inspiring the new generation of young entrepreneurs that want to make an impact. We'll focus on the strategies and behind-the-scenes stories from DTC brands that are using innovation, creativity, and social impact to disrupt the market and radically change consumer preferences and expectations.I'm happy to have you here. :)I'll DM you so we can keep in touch!