Feedback from Experienced HR Recruiter in Tech

Hello Elpha Community!

I've recently re-worked my entire resume from traditional language to tech language and I think I'm off on a good starting point. I would love to connect with someone who has experience in HR and recruiting background in tech and could help me streamline the structure of my resume.

I've acquired different types of work experience which might be confusing to some people when reading through my work history.

I am also interested in learning more about how recruiting departments use technology to screen and select the top resumes through hundreds of applications. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tweak my resume for each job application or not. I do that for my cover letter but not so much for my resume.

Happy to pay for my sessions! I'm also open to offerings.

Thank you!

I’d recommend reaching out to Sarah Johnson at Briefcase Coach!
Thank you, Amanda!
We partnered with Sharon is extremely knowledgeable and inside Chicagoland with some clients in SF
Thank you Rebecca - I appreciate it.
Hi! My name is Sam, I'm a recruiter at Hypercare and I was also a recruiter at KangarooHealth. I've been in startup world for around the past 5 years. I've probably read over 5000+ resumes and conducted over 500+ interviews. I'm happy to take a look at your resume; feel free to DM me, free of charge. I want all of us women/non-binary folks to win, without the financial barriers :))
That is amazing! I will message you directly.
Hi @FrenchBedouin I'm Rachel, a Career Coach ( and I'd be happy to review it on an initial coaching call here ( and happy to share how I could support your job seach more generally as well.
Thank you, Rachel! I appreciate your support.