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I’m currently deciding which unis to apply for... Has anyone been to LSE/ UCL and would be willing to tell me a bit about it?

Thank you

It depends entirely on what you're studying, and what you want from the experience.
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I’m planning on studying philosophy politics and economics. The main things I want from it are for it to be interesting and taught well but also to have a good social life
LSE and UCL are basically 10 minutes away from each other and I find them quite similar, but for your course, I would pick LSE. UCL is a lot larger and LSE a bit smaller, they both have a lot of societies and research facilities that you can become a part of if you choose to, and they're both a part of the University of London.
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Is this for undergrad I assume? I went to Durham and have many friends who did PPE and loved it! I got into UCL but since I wanted to try the smaller scale life (to have a real campus) I went for smaller city. LSE is definitely top notch when it comes to this field (some of the best scholars specifically in the Econ and IR departments are affiliated with LSE). I'd also not diss Warwick, Kings College (very good social life there :) ) and Oxbridge naturally.
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Thank you! Yes it’s for undergrad. What did you do at Durham? I think I will apply there too
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IR!! I also recommend you visit those schools (if guided tours are back, then do it or else self guided tours!) so you can feel the vibe of the city etc!
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I used to work at LSE (Students Union) so happy to put you in touch with some of the previous students that I'm in contact with who would be happy to give some insights if that helps :)LSE's is all built around one campus so you won't have to do any extensive travelling around London, but it's also very central so you can easily get around. The Students' Union is really well known for its high engagement with students - particularly on the Sports Club and Societies front, with so many social activities to get involved in.
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Yes please- that would be amazing! Thank you so much for your help!