Are you a high-achieving woman who struggles with overwork, work stress, or even burnout?

As a woman leader, you’re busy, overwhelmed, and burnout looms on the horizon. You always thought leadership would be more glamorous than it actually is…

The reality is that you’re constantly pulled into inefficient meetings. You take on too many tasks and struggle to say no to them. You worry constantly about whether it’s all enough, if you’re good enough, and about keeping everyone happy.

And at home, your brain continues to spin with work-related worries. It’s hard to take time off without guilt or to be fully present with your kids, your partner, or your relationships outside of work.

If you struggle with this—and even fantasize sometimes about having a boring, easy job (but you know that wouldn’t satisfy you either)—this training is for you.

You’ll learn the real reason why so many high-achieving women leaders get stuck in overwork and what you can do about it. You’ll learn the surprising pathway to achieving more in your career by doing less.

In this online training for high-achieving women leaders, you’ll learn:

➡️ 3 surprising secrets to working less while advancing your career faster (and actually achieving more)

➡️ The 4-step method to break free from daily firefighting and become a strategic, visionary leader

➡️ My #1 proven technique for setting boundaries between work and life with ease—without giving up a high salary or getting off the fast track at work

➡️ How to switch off your work brain in just 5 minutes and truly enjoy guilt-free time with family and friends, feeling more present and joyful in every moment

If you’re ready to love your work again, get out of the weeds, and feel vibrantly alive in your life outside of work, click the link below to save your seat for the free live training, The Stop Overworking Formula for High-Achieving Women, on June 18th at 3pm ET.

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