On the lookout for a community-builder role :)!

Hi Elpha friends!I'm on the lookout for a new role in the growth / community-building / virtual events / partnerships / marketing spaces. I have treasured the past 11 months of getting to dedicate my full resources to growing my startup Art in Res (YC W20) and honing my growth marketing skills.Like many entrepreneurs this year I face the hard reality of needing to find stable work again while I continue to grow my creative/ entrepreneurial dreams slowly after hours, out of passion, over perhaps the next few years. I have grown to love mission-driven community building so much, have a new-found enthusiasm for virtual events and of course, my ever-present love of artists, builders, and creatives remains forcefully in tact through a year of ups and downs.I am eager to put my honed skills to the test, and ready to embrace the challenge and learning curve of a new direction. If you know of any opportunities that sound like a good fit for me, I'd be so grateful for a heads up! My e-mail is [email protected]"Keep on swimming, swimming, swimming", as a wise Dory once said!And now for good cheer: enjoy a virtual art crawl I just produced with two of my absolute favorite Austin contemporary artists, Calhan Hale, and Robert Cameron Connelly. you all. Sincerely,Noni Culotta
Hi Noni, My company is currently hiring for multiple roles that might be worth checking out. We are looking for a team player with strong interest in building an inclusive community that supports entrepreneurs. We are a startup accelerator and nonprofit out in Los Angeles. I've been with the team for almost two years and have LOVED my experienced.
Just checked out the Grid110 website. Super dope! Looks like yall are doing exciting work, kudos. :)
Hi! Thank you so much Elisabeth, Grid 110 looks amazing. I will definitely apply! How cool!
Hi Noni - I come across roles on LinkedIn pretty frequently. Let's connect there so I can forward them!