FUNDRAISING ASK: nonprofit food pantry in queens

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@cassmarketos I reached out to my mother-in-law who is a retired grant writer.She did some quick research and came up with the following in case it's helpful:"Resource possibilities:Quickest way and may already have in place: Food drives by churches, synagogues, mosques, Boy Scouts & youth organizations Already awarded millions resources for those in need and ways to help others - women.nycDuring this time, New Yorkers are facing unique challenges. will be using our platform and leveraging our public, nonprofit and private partnerships to identify and develop helpful resources, information and volunteer or donation opportunities for New Yorkers in need, or those looking to lend a helping hand. If you have resources or information you’d […]women.nyc website of funders includes ideas of grocery chains, food manufacturersTarget & Walmart have small grantsSeveral search engines available, but many have a fee associated with them.; has numerous search possibilities and there are ongoing grants listed, but to access all information has a cost. Covid 19 Support And Relief Efforts | NYC Hospitality AllianceCOVID-19 Support and Relief Efforts for Operators and Employees. COVID-19 Support and Relief Efforts for Operators and Employees. In this time of challenge and uncertainty, The Alliance is grateful and encouraged by the numerous COVID-19 related support and relief efforts being provided to the hospitality industry.thenycalliance.orgon above website: Organization: NYC Food Supply MatchResource: Food Supply MatchDetails: Are you primarily a food producer, farmer, processor, distributor, or retailer? Are you facing challenges with your demand and/or supply of food? If you are a farmer, food producer, food processor, food distributor or food retailer with excess supply or if you have demand for certain food items you cannot meet, please fill out this form."
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Thank you! This is extremely helpful, I really appreciate it! And thank your mother-in-law for me, an angel. <3
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Will do, @cassmarketos! Glad it was helpful!