This job market is insane!

In the last four months, I've applied to at least 200 jobs (many more than over my entire 20+ year career). I've had several interviews - many multiple interviews with various companies. No offers!

In a few cases, the recruiters were sending me unsolicited praise for my work (design) and even apologizing for the team not moving forward. My portfolio is ridiculous at this point yet I'm not cutting through. Anyone have advice on excelling during video interviews?

I know it's competitive out there. I just wanted to vent.

Sending everyone on Elpha love and support during these tough times.


I just started to look again - 3 applications. Two referrals led to nothing, one of which played out well since the entire division was cut 2 weeks ago. The other a recruiter reached out and came back to me with hiring manager's feedback, "She's overqualified." The right one will come at the right time for us! Good luck and sending you good vibes!
I'm so sorry you're going through that, it really is so rough out there, some of my classmates from bschool are still looking almost a year after graduation so it's definitely not a you thing. As for video tips (these are all pretty basic so not sure it will actually help you, feel free to share any specific points you'd like help on)- practice your story and make it super compelling especially for any behavioural interviews ie. dont just do a resume walkthrough as this can be boring, focus on career highlights and turning point that have led you to where you are now- maintain eye contact by looking at the camera - answer the questions being asked ie no need to go into all types of details and bury the lede, answer first and add any colour after or in a follow up- practice makes perfect so maybe do a few mock interviews
I know it's tough and I'm sorry you're dealing with this! The market is very competitive and employers have a hard time choosing the right candidate, leading to a long drawn out process. It seems like you have an excellent portfolio and qualifications! The only advice I would say is be relaxed and positive during the interview. I've found when I don't put pressure on it, it goes much better than if I try super hard.
I rely on affirmations like "what is meant for me will never pass me by." I also mix up my approach each week, trying new job boards (Hello, Elpha!) for new clients; I also vary which services I am offering via social media (coaching, copywriting, personal brand strategy, content creation/management). This way, the drudgery of the search shifts my focus from chasing opportunities to attracting the right work with the right people.Keep going! We're in this together. Best of luck to all,Sarah
I love the affirmation... my professional life is going really well but my love life not at all. I can't seem to find someone who I want to date / who wants to date me.... and I know it sounds silly but I find some comparisons between the job market that's super tough right now and the dating/love market. :( sigh
I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling frustrated with your job search—it sounds tough. Despite your great portfolio and positive feedback, not getting those offers must be disappointing. For video interviews, preparation is key. Make sure to research each company well, tailor your portfolio and responses to match their needs, and practice common interview questions to feel more confident. If design skills are important, be ready to show them during the interview using screen sharing. Highlight your problem-solving abilities and show genuine enthusiasm for the role and company. After the interview, send a friendly thank-you email to reinforce your interest. Don't hesitate to also ask for feedback to improve your approach. Stay positive—job hunting can be challenging, but with persistence and the right preparation, you'll find the right opportunity soon! If you need any more tips or support, send me a DM. Wishing you all the best in your job search!
Regarding advice, not sure if this is something you'd be interested in
I'm about to hit 300 applications, after my layoff on January 31. Lots of interviews — and multiple rounds of interviews — but still no dice :(