Social engineering

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What is social engineering? :-)
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Social engineering is the use of applied behavioral and psychological knowledge to achieve a desired outcome, but it's not always done in an ethical way.Two examples of social engineering in OP's context.1. The company itselfMany apps such as TikTok and Instagram are designed to keep you scrolling by taking advantage of variable "reward schedules" by sprinkling high-engagement content into your normal content at random intervals. If you always got the "best" content at top, you wouldn't tend to keep scrolling. You'd just check the app, look at the top 5 posts, then move on with your day. 2. Third-part actorsBack in the day, there was a common scam in games where someone would say "Woah, did you know the game censors your password if you type it out? Look! ********" in the global chat, and then children unfamiliar with the scam would try it by typing in their passwords and then the person who said the original line would swoop in and steal their accounts. Similar things happen on social media, though they're less obvious. One example off the top of my head would be to figure out someone's password reset information by first figuring out the reset questions (e.g. "What was the name of your first pet?") and then making a "Meme" meant to suss out that information. (e.g. "What's your anime name? Put in your first name and the name of your first pet!"). Then you just wait for the responses to roll in.Taking it even further, you can create a database and start collecting information on potential targets based on their online activity. One meme gives you their birthday, a geotag gives you their location, etc. With enough data points you can waltz right in.
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You kind of are being trained, just by nature of how a lot of these apps work. You aren't being paranoid.