Looking to connect with Coding Bootcamp founderhttps://denigma.app

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to connect with coding bootcamp founders or senior team members.

I want to offer 3 free months of Denigma to coding bootcamps or groups that I like their mission. Dengima is an AI tool that translates code to understandble english and documents codebases, read more about us on our website denigma.app

Please drop any reccomendations or introduce me to anyone you may know!

Thank you

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Tagging @milocardo who is a manager at Le Wagon and an ex-founder
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Thank you Iynna!
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Of course - good luck!
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@vanessaonuegbu I'm not a coding boot camp founder but I am the founder of a startup that organizes hackathons for early-career tech and we are always looking for tools to help our participants with improving their tech skills.
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Awesome! I sent a message to connect on LinkedIn. I look forward to discussing!