Best Strategy for Giving Leaders a Wake-up Call

Sounds like you are already doing a lot, and it's a burden you absolutely don't need to carry (although it's incredibly generous that you choose to). If it's too much, you do always have the choice of letting go. However, from your post I suspect you won't be taking that route so...- Are you in these people's circle of trust/influence? If not, unfortunately it's unlikely they will take your advice to heart. So one option is to try and recruit someone who IS in that position to help you? E.g. an investor?- What DO they value, and can you put it in those terms? E.g. can you show them how much business they've lost, how much they've spent on training replacements for lost staff, how much they spend on recruitment etc. if they are driven by numbers? Note - theory doesn't seem to work here (despite hundreds of studies showing the financial benefits of diverse workforces and leadership... It's still all straight white men).- Reviews are definitely helpful - even if you help one person avoid the toxic culture you'll have done a good thing- do what you can to get those women out! Set up connections for them with other contacts of yours if you don't think it will change. However, also know that people have to choose for themselves what they can tolerate and, sadly, for many money comes above morals/experience, which allows cultures like this to perpetuate.Tough situation ☹️