🦋 I’m a Product Designer in crypto/defi vlogging my journey in tech. My channel was recently featured in Business Insider!! 🤯 !! ✨https://youtu.be/R7WHsrJ1sNk

Hi everybody! My name is Rina, and I am a Ballerina turned product designer currently working at a fintech startup in the crypto/defi space. Ever since I was a sophmore in college, I’ve been vlogging my journey of becoming a professional ballerina (now categorized under my ballerina diaries playlist), to now pursuing a career in tech while keeping ballet as a hobby close to my heart. My whole motivation behind this channel is to document my journey and growth in tech as well as me navigating my 20s. https://youtu.be/R7WHsrJ1sNk <-- (my most recent vlog of a week in my life as a product designer)

I was most recently featured in a business insider article that features my channel, and the importance of personal branding and I also wanted to share in case a person aspiring to break into tech reads this! Coming from a ballet background, I had no hard skills transitioning into tech, but what I did utilize, ironically enough was my background as a ballerina and overall, my very own personal branding. Your personal brand is so much more important than you may think it is so I want you to remember that!


Would love to connect witheverybody! Please feel free to chat with me on Instagram, and/or on Youtube as I’m very active in both ❤️ And if you have a chance to watch my videos, I would love to hear any feedback/critiques if you have any! :))



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Wow!! this is so incredible - congrats! My friend @jiwonmoon also vlogged and your reflections in the video reminded me of hers :)