For Petite, By Petite

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To start off, my name is Vy Truong and Iā€™m a petite but proud Elpha member šŸ‘Š. I graduated from BYU majoring in accounting and started my career in technology investment banking focusing on Saas companies. After banking, I worked for a fintech startup and a consumer startup wearing many hats and learning a lot. šŸ„°Thanks to those experiences, I was inspired to build my own startup, and right now Iā€™m working on Gemtic - an online one-stop curated marketplace for petite fashion ~ Etsy for everything petite šŸ‘—. I like to dance, do modeling, try out new restaurants/bars and discover hidden gems all over the world. I look forward to making new friends and developing genuine and meaningful relationships with everyone on Elpha! šŸ¤—
literally had the same idea two days ago :-)
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DM me - we could work on this together. Iā€™m looking for a cofounder for Gemtic!
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fellow 5"2' female founder:) pretty cool to see this group!