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General Job Applications -- Do you Apply?

jaynadevani's profile thumbnail
I would highly recommend finding someone in the team on LinkedIn and sending them a friendly message asking them for a virtual coffee. It's much easier to get into smaller companies with an existing relationship with someone who works there, as they will most likely refer you directly, and I have found a lot of success going this route! You also get a good sense of what they are hiring for, and what the company is like. By all means do the general application as well, and just make sure your cover letter is very tailored to the type of role you would be looking for. Good luck! :)
teresaman's profile thumbnail
I would think so! It's always great to have your name in their radar. I would imagine their recruiters also go through their list of "general applicants" when they're hiring, plus, it shows extra eagerness and motivation from your end!PS. housekeeping note — I added "Job Hunting" as a community tag to your post!
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Before applying I absolutely make sure to find someone in the team I want to work with or role I want to have - the Internet will help you with that! :) Then before talking to them I throw in my application so that when I talk to them I can mention that I sent in a general app so they have me in their record + after I build a relationship. For early stage companies, feel free to reach out to a cofounder directly :-)
MadisonSchaefer's profile thumbnail
Thanks for the advice iynna! I reached out to the cofounder of the startup I applied for on LinkedIn. Hopefully I hear something back :)