I've recently taken on a Business Development role and looking for advice / best practices

Hi elphas! My name is Victoria. I'm 27, entering my 5th year in IT.

I started out as a production associate in a small agency in Boston in 2016. From there I've established myself as a project manager as I shifted from one agency to another.

Now I am entering my second year at Evil Martians, a product development firm. I have recently transiotioned into a bizdev. Soon I'll be moving to NYC to better harness potentional connections for our business.

I'm looking to speak with a more experienced bizdev (ideall a mentor) or jsut a woman in tech over Zoom. I have a bunch of questions I'd like to ask and a few ideas that would appreciate some bouncing off!

If you are intersted, let's chat over virtual coffee!

Also, check out the stuffed llama I got for Christmas from a Secret Santa 🎁🎁🎁

Came to comment on your llama... :p so cute!!