My friend is offering free mock technical interviews (and is looking for more underrepresented folks to sign up)

Hey there -- My friend Puneet (Mozilla) is offering free mock technical interviews. He's especially looking to help underrepresented folks (women/nonbinary, POC) that want to get into the tech industry. Puneet is awesome so I know he'll do a great job. If you know anyone that this might help out, that would be awesome if you could share it with them!
@eyrobinson @janetboachie @januaryedward @ClaraS Tagging a few people who this might appeal to!
and @vishnu - this might be helpful for you, too.
@rachelbell Thank you for sharing this!
@annableker That's fantastic - Please pass my thanks to Puneet :-)
Love this!
That’s fantastic of him!
Great share! Thank you!