Feeling overwhelmed with work and life? Join me on April 14th for my time management system training.

I’m so excited to be opening enrollment in a live workshop version of Steal My Calendar—my time management systems for women who want more time, mental space, and time for life outside of work—for this super limited time, surprise flash sale!

You can see all the details and enroll now for the special price.

I am opening up enrollment in this live training of Steal My Calendar because it’s one of my most popular bonus trainings. I’ve seen how many women struggle to escape a cycle of continual overwhelm and burnout, and I want to help you change that!

This live training is for you if:

  • You want to escape the never-ending work grind that has you feeling like you’re never fully off the clock and answering late night emails.
  • You’re career-driven and you want to be strategic in your efforts and see results in your career growth. You don’t want to just resign yourself to the "fact" that work and life is busy and you have to put career growth on hold.
  • Work-life balance feels elusive, you’re always thinking about your to-dos, and you want to have more boundaries and feel more present.
  • You’ve tried the productivity hacks, but they’ve never fully worked for you—but you know something has to give with what is on your calendar and to-do list.
  • You’re looking for a simple, forgiving system that will allow you to take back control over your time at work and at home.

Here’s what you’ll learn in our live Steal My Calendar workshop

  • How to set up an ideal calendar so that you prioritize life outside of work.
  • How to design your workday so that you can stay strategic and lead in your role instead of always playing catchup.
  • How to customize your calendar so it works for you and your unique personality, energetic states, and work and life situation.
  • How to flexibly adjust your calendar for real life so that you can face the inevitable changes of plan that occur and not be derailed by them.
  • How to stay high level and say no to time sucks—especially some of the common distractions women face⁠—so that you can defend your boundaries joyfully.

You’ll walk out of Steal My Calendar with a customized weekly schedule that will help you use your time more effectively and in alignment with your values, even in the context of your busy work life.

You’ll also walk out knowing

  • How to gently defend your ideal calendar, priorities, and boundaries (nicely) when you get pushback from others
  • Strategies to take control of your calendar even when your time is subject to others’ control (boss, kids, etc.)
  • Time-based strategies for facing your own inner demons of perfectionism and people pleasing so you can escape some of the common time sucks that women in particular face.

This isn’t some off-the-shelf solution. In this live workshop, you’ll be building a personalized ideal calendar that works for your life. In this live interactive workshop, you’ll get a chance to learn from other women and ask me questions, too, so you walk out with a system that was designed uniquely for you.

This live training is taking place on Thursday, April 14th at 1 PM ET - and it’s only $49!

And if you can’t make it live, you’ll get early access to the training so you can watch it and ask questions about your situation that’ll I’ll record in our session.

"Steal my Calendar has helped me realize that I can decide what my ideal day should look like versus just reacting to what people want from me, and then trying to do what I can with all the little open spots left over in my day"

-Amanda Snelson

I can’t wait to see you in the workshop!