SF - Amazing office manager contractor available

We have an amazing contractor named Juliette who comes in for a few hours each week to order and restock food, handle deliveries, order anything we need for the office, run errands like getting posters printed, picking up dry cleaning, etc. She's also starting to help plan office events like finding a place for us to volunteer as a team and figuring out logistics for our offsite.She's now available to take on another company (in addition to us), so I wanted to post here to see if any of your teams are in need of her services. She's an incredibly hard worker and an absolute joy to have around the office. I could not recommend her more highly.Contact info for Juliette:Email: [email protected]LinkedIn:
I do alot of volunteering. Here are some suggestions:Dress for Success. a woman returning to the workforce gets help through this NGOSF Meals on Wheels (says it all)SF Park & Recreation (garden & park upkeep tasks)That’s just a few suggestions.