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Hi there fellow Elphas!

I am eyeing a move back into consulting after being in media agency and retail for a bit . I have an interview scheduled this week with the HR and really scared of the typical hr questions. Would anyone be kind enough to support with some tips or hacks to get over these fears And answer questions confidently. My fear creates a mental block and impacts my performance.

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Hi Paru, Thanks for sharing your experiences on here. I'd be happy to support you in your interviews. What do you mean by HR questions? Usually the interview is the time when you get to talk about yourself and your career aspirations. Do you feel afraid of talking about yourself? Take some time to pay attention to your breathe and posture, try to relax your body if you are potentially creating tension in your body because of your fear. That can be a good way to start to let go of the fear. Feel free to DM me to chat further!
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Hi Paru! I actually created a program for landing jobs and interviews because I don’t think anyone should do it alone. I think the very best thing is to meet with others going thru the same process and practice interviewing. We also have a specific approach to prepare for and ace interviews: - Prep 10 interview stories, we have a storytellng structure to practice that helps you stand out from other candidates - Write thesis statements for each person you interview with- For case studies or presentations, use a format that lays out: Assumptions made; Trade offs, decisions, why I went this direction; intended outcomes and potential scenarios That said, how you prepare depends on what stage the in interview process you’re at. If this is your very first call with them then they will likely answer the same 5 questions asked in almost every phone screen interview.I’m doing a free session this week if you want to join: Write thesis