Free Webinar: Courageous Conversations at Work

So much of our success and satisfaction at work boils down to how we communicate with one another. And now that we have fewer opportunities for impromptu conversations at “the water cooler,” it has become even more important to use our 1on1s effectively and to proactively share what we need from our jobs. That's why I'm hosting two free webinars later this month on how to start Courageous Conversations at Work. In each 45 min. session, you'll learn:

☔️ How to communicate your boundaries in a way that is effective (and doesn’t feel icky)👯 Strategies to align your needs with the goals of your manager & company (we love a win-win-win)⚡️Tips to spark more enlightening 1on1 conversations (whether you're in the manager's seat or a direct report)  I hope you'll join me! Click here to register