Advice for startup founders during COVID-19: a conversation with Susan Liu at Scale Venture PartnersFeatured

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Very helpful Did you see Liz Elting's article in Forbes Yesterday? Thought it was very insightful and we really need to change things up: Thoughts?
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Yes! As a woman in VC myself, I have been thinking a lot about this and am trying to 1) feature more female founders in my writing, 2) demystify the VC professor for women, 3) offer feedback on their pitch/deck/etc. regardless of whether our fund ends up investing, 4) help men notice when they have implicit bias against women, 5) build a strong network for female VCs to refer female founders to, and 6) be an active part of female funders communities like AllRaise and Women in VC
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Also, here is a podcast I did on supporting female founders as a female investors: and here is an event I held supporting university female founders: