The #1 interview skill that no one is talking about 五

When going into an interview, what’s your top challenge?

The interview is a unique part of the job search process that is possibly one of the most challenging parts as well. No longer are you pressing a button on the screen, you are now interacting in real time with another human being.

The #1 interview skill is a little discussed, yet powerful tool in the interview process.

The #1 interview skill is the ability to lead the conversation.

What does leading the conversation look like?

  • Active listening to respond with the most relevant answers
  • Following up your answers with relevant questions
  • Asking timely and relevant questions throughout and especially at the end of the interview

Once you learn to treat interviews like any other conversations, you are already a step ahead of the rest of the candidates.

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So true! And not just in job interviews I think! What are some examples where you think you've led the convo exceptionally well or seen people doing so?
Totally agree! If only I had this nugget of wisdom back in my 20's I would be so much more successful. It took a lot of hard lessons to finally learn it.Even as an independent consultant and businesswoman, this skill is crucial all the time during pre-sales and sales calls. Although those calls are not strictly "interviews", the parties are assessing each other all the time.