What networking groups have supported your professional growth?

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In my honest opinion, diverse communities in your chosen area tend to be the most effective way to get help on self development 😊 Try to connect with the organisation team of the community and grasp their views on diversity and equality and if they match with yours, bingo! This way you can create a diverse group of friends and acquaintances (beyond just women and POC) and get allies during your journey.(Not putting aside communities for women or poc, it’s just that in my opinion they sometimes tend to be a little self isolated 😊 and we need allies of all types to move forward)
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Hey @divineedem Following this thread since I'm also interested in finding networking groups! I've had a good experience with Lunchclub, although it's not specifically women/poc, I've met a lot of great people there who fall into those categories :)I'd also recommend a group called Teal for networking. They have a Slack channel and some community events and I've found everyone there very approachable and willing to help each other out.