πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Tokyo meet up?

Hiii Elphas!

I just moved to Tokyo for a year and I'm curious if there are any Elphas in the city! I'd love to meet up for coffee or drinks or maybe a picnic in the park now that sunnier days are approaching ☀️ Excited to meet you!

OMG YES SHE finally hard launched the move!! I wish I could teleport for this @EriCareerCoach @pthomas2 @samanthasanders @malindalloyd is not there but loves the culture and visits from time to time, so maybe you all can time to hang when she's in town! @caitlinzhang @AnriYoshizawa *might* be in town too(but that's a big might), @jupuckett @keikoono @frjch @AnnaJin @xinjie @norikonakano happy meetup everyone!
I just moved back the the US 3 weeks ago πŸ˜‚
omg congratulations and welcome back! :)
Hahah yes! Hard launch mode now ⚑️
HI HI! I would love to meet up when I am there next! I'll be in Shizuoka mostly but going through Tokyo as well.
Oh, that would be amazing! When are you arriving?
Hubs will be there this weekend but I'm not sure when I'm going next.
Ah I see, well I'd love to meet up next time you're here :)