Need some tips/advice on managing tasks at work

Hello ladies! If you could share how you prioritize your tasks at work or the best tools, I appreciate it!

A lil background, I'm in an agency, managing 6-8 client accounts and they have different goals. We also need different strategies to grow their accounts so I need to be on top of all my clients' accounts.

Right now, I'm using multiple tools such as

1. Asana for transparency with my managers.

2. I also use Notion to keep track of my clients' accounts for myself - such as goals, call notes, operational tasks.

3. I use Smartsheet to consolidate all the tasks, trackers etc that upper management is keeping a close eye on.

4. I also have an Excel sheet to track my hours for utilization purposes and then share it in a different sheet for my manager.

5. Also, every week I have to write my progress for my 1x1 (there's a lot to write) which I spent about 30 minutes doing.

I'm spending too much time updating tasks on each one so I appreciate it if anyone can share how they manage their day-to-day tasks! Or anything you'd like to share :)

You could potentially use Notion for all your task tracking and writing documents. If you use the Boards feature on Notion, you can have each card be a page, and you can have different columns for each project if there are different stages of projects for each client. That way you can track all your tasks on a kaban-like board and also have quick at-a-glance access to all your docs and links. This board can also be shared w your managers. Similar to Asana, but will also hold all the necessary docs you need.
I do use the kanban boards on Notion. It's just a hassle using Asana and Notion. I'm trying to put everything in my Smartsheet but that tool just isn't the best. And I don't think my team is open to using Notion too :/ Thank you for your input though!
That does feel like a lot... have you ever thought about using a tool to automate your data/sync them across platforms?
I'm thinking of one. But maybe I can just use one existing tool, I just don't fancy using Smartsheet. I was thinking of using a handy-dandy traditional notebook to keep track of what I ned for my clients heh
For #4 I'd definitely suggest looking into a time tracking app like Toggl. It's free to use and you can track/organize/label/download your time spent on different projects and clients! I've been happily using it for years!