What made you stop dancing?

I hear it all the time, "Oh yeah, I used to dance as a teen but quit."

I would love to hear more about why you chose to stop dancing. Did you feel pressure to stop dancing or was it your choice?

Tell me more. ⬇️

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Simple fact that I was (still am) extremely uncoordinated! African / Black people generally have good moves (not feeding stereotypes because it’s a fact) and know how to dance. Well I am the exception 😭
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Thanks for sharing! Everybody has their own unique talents and gifts. 😉Here’s what I’m curious about. Did you realize you weren’t coordinated on your own? Or did somebody tell you that you weren’t coordinated? Often dance teachers compliment one student on a skill in the studio and then the other students in the room are left interpreting their own level of skill. I’m always trying to navigate the difference between what the dancer actually thinks verses what might be outside pressure or influences. Thanks again for your input!
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All great questions!It was pretty obvious I was not coordinated, couldn’t keep up with the pace, and everyone else was just so much better/gracious 🤣 Nobody really told me anything and I am glad I retire before embarassing myself more hahaha
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I quit when covid started. And now even though some club reopened, I don't feel comfortable anymore being too close with strangers. Even though most of latino dancing community is not really strangers, we've all seen each other on various events, but still.
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Awe! Latino dance styles can be so fun. There are so many good ones! I like Salsa. What is your favorite? I’m sorry you experienced that separation from dance during COVID. I know many dancers that retired during COVID from their profession and it was a difficult decision for them too.