Curious about I-O psychologists!

Hello! I am currently a Senior Project Manager interested in a career change to find professional fulfillment, and am considering corporate psychology. Is anyone on this site in or akin to this field that would be willing to have a chat with me so I can learn more? Thank you🙏🙏🙏.

What do you mean by akin? I was a team and leadership coach for years - helping humans work better together. I certainly dabbled in all the areas that it seems IO psychologists focus on. As a Project Mgr I bet you do too already! What kind of things did you want to chat about?
All the things! Firstly, thank you for replying to my post. And yes, I'm finding that the things that appeal to me about being a corporate psychologist are the same things that I love about being a PM (helping/troubleshooting, improving work environment , talking to lots of different people, etc.).I guess some questions:- what's the pace of work like?- how's the work/life balance?- do you work regular 40 hours a week?- is your work remote, in person, hybrid?- what do you find rewarding about your work? What would you wish you could change?And anything else you'd like to add in there!